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Your commercial property’s functionality is dependent on a dependable electrical system to power a variety of utilities, equipment, and more. Our team is here to assist you when you need the best commercial and industrial electrical contractors in Gainesville.

Gainesville Gator Electricians are experts at all commercial grade electrical jobs, whether you need installation or electrical maintenance and repair. We stand behind our work so that you become a long-term customer.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for installation, or electrical maintenance and repair services, Gainesville Gator Electricians are experts at all commercial grade electrical jobs. We stand behind our work so that you become a customer of ours for a lifetime.

Installation Projects

If you are building your commercial property, you want to be sure that the electric company you call upon to provide the initial installation and wiring have the required expertise and that they will provide you with the highest quality workmanship.

Our team of experts possess the highest level of experience and dedication within the industry. They will ensure you have a perfect electrical system in place the moment you open your doors for business.

New Property Wiring

When expanding on your current property perhaps in the form of additional office space, warehouses, storage facilities, or exterior buildings can be a great way to add a new level of usefulness to your commercial property. When looking for the right commercial electrical contractors to provide you with the extra wiring services you need, you can rely on us.

We supply you with the necessary planning, blueprinting, and installation you need to ensure that any outlying buildings within your commercial property are ready for use. With competitive pricing and strong dedication to quality and service, choosing our team of professionals will bring the desired results.

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Power Outage Service

Having a reliable electrician, when it comes to matters such as power outages, is an essential tool. We understand the importance of having reliable power, and when storms or other such scenarios cause electrical issues within your commercial property, you can rely on us for a Gainesville commercial electrician you can depend on to arrive promptly.

We provide you with a 24/7 service that’s available every day of the year to ensure that your property has the necessary professionals at hand to keep your business up and running.


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Experienced Local Gainesville Electricians

Gainesville Gator Electricians is proud to be able to service local businesses in the Gainesville area, ensuring that you can deliver your goods and services to your customers and clients without worrying about whether your power will remain consistent and dependable.

Whether you’re looking for installation services, scheduled maintenance, or otherwise, choosing to contact our team of professionals will provide you with the immediate services you need and the ability to handle all manner of potential issues that can arise as you go about your day-to-day business operations.

Why Do You Need To Hire Commercial Electrical Contractors?


Electricians are trained in both the theory and practice of electricity, as well as the requirements of building codes. Because of this extensive training, the risk of electric shocks, fires, injuries, and even death in the workplace will be significantly reduced.

It Takes Less Time

Commercial electricians are trained to troubleshoot electrical problems using a variety of tools. They can complete this task more quickly and safely than most homeowners or business owners. This precise troubleshooting will save you time and money.


To renew business permits and licenses, professionals must be guaranteed and insured. This will put your mind at ease as a customer because if anything goes wrong while we are performing the professional service, you will not be charged.

Experience and Expertise

If you take a look at our website, you will notice that we have a lot of positive customer feedback. Our professionals have years of experience, resulting in high-quality service. We are proud to say that, as a company, we are constantly learning in order to stay ahead of the ever-changing industry.


Some people believe that doing it themselves is the best option, but professionals study for years to gain the knowledge and expertise that they do. You may be skilled with a few tools, but working with electricity can have disastrous consequences for you, your family, or your business. To save time and money, hire a commercial electrical contractor to do the job right the first time.

Why Choose Gainesville Gator Electricians?

Permits and Licenses

Before you begin any electrical work, you must obtain a permit. Because of our years of industry experience, we have developed a network of contacts that will expedite this process as opposed to doing it yourself and navigating the confusing process.

Commitment to Quality Service and Excellence

We want to reassure those who hire us that we will not do the bare minimum in order to be paid. We will come in and conduct a thorough inspection to determine the source of the problem, not just to fix it, but to prevent it from happening again in the future. Our staff is also available to answer any questions you may have. We are always eager to share what we know in order to keep everyone safe.

Comprehensive Service

From residential to emergency electrical services to industrial, we can do it for you! Homes, businesses, and commercial buildings have ever-changing needs. As a result, you’re looking for an electrician who can meet all of your specifications. Replacements, upgrades, maintenance, and repair are all areas in which the best commercial electrical contractors are skilled and experienced.

What are the liabilities of me doing my own electrical work?

Electrical shocks can occur when tinkering with electrical components like plugs and switches. Incorrect repairs increase the risk of electrical shock and fire, especially if the result is faulty wiring. For repairs to pass inspection, homeowners must also be familiar with the electrical code. Not doing so will run you the risk of getting fined.

So take the safe route and hire a commercial electrician. It might cost more than doing it yourself, but you save yourself from potential harm and lose the peace of mind you would have otherwise.

How long will the job take?

That will be determined by the task at hand. If it’s just a few lights or switches, it should only take an hour or so. However, if the job is larger and more complicated, such as rewiring an entire circuit or inspecting a large portion of the area, it could take a day or two. Give us a call if you need a specific timeline for the work we’ll be doing, and we’ll work something out!

What types of services do you offer?

Gator Electricians of Gainesville provides commercial, industrial, residential, and emergency electrical services! Whatever electrical problem you have, whether at home or at work, we can fix it! Our prices are also reasonable and competitive. We are dedicated to assisting the people of Gainesville.

What is the difference between industrial and commercial electricians?

We actually have a dedicated page on our website discussing the differences between the work an industrial electrician does as opposed to commercial electrical contractors. Read up on it here!

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