​Generally, an electrician specializes in electrical wiring, which may range from the installation of new electrical components to maintenance and electrical repair of existing infrastructure. There are other fields in which electricians can major in which include wiring airplanes, vehicles, mobiles, and electric gadgets.

Depending on the work environment, electricians can be grouped into two types of electricians, industrial and commercial electricians. Based on the size of your firm, whether a large production plant or a commercial building like a restaurant, you need to find a good electrician for your business.

The process of deciding the right electrician demands an understanding of the difference between the commercial and industrial electrician. For knowledge on the difference between the two, ensure you read till the end.


  • The process of installing, wiring, rewiring, and laying of cables in a worksite. This involves the process of designing the layout of the place and the actual process of installation, which demands a high range of skill sets.
  • Testing and maintaining electrical wiring equipment, appliances, and power tools which involves the process of ensuring the installed system is working properly without any risk to an operator.
  • Troubleshooting malfunctioning systems and components using test equipment to check for faults in the equipment in case they break down or show a sign of break down.

    • Repairing electrical defaults which may cause a danger to machines and persons working with the machinery, ensuring a machine maintains its best level of performance.
    • Handle transformer and circuit breaker by connecting wires ensuring each machinery has the right optimal voltage.
    • Identifying hazards, defects by inspecting systems and equipment to prevent future harm.
    • Design, plan and lay installation plans for workplaces before starting the process of installation. This is the very crucial part in ensuring the layout is of no harm to the personnel working in the firm


    Based on their working environment, an industrial electrician works on manufacturing and production facilities which are complex, expensive, and sensitive pieces of machinery. They are involved in the installation, testing, maintenance, and troubleshooting of high voltage components. They ensure the complex machines are in good condition and are running smoothly for maximum production.

    ​In Australia, most industrial electricians work in steel production, mining companies, and car manufacturing plants, which are huge plants with large machinery and robotics hence the call for reasonable skills in robotics. They usually report to technical managers on the status of technical machines, the services or repairs they need to maximize their production while also suggesting the best maintenance techniques to be applied to them.

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    A commercial electrician works in commercial buildings by ensuring that electrical components are working properly, safely, and efficiently. These buildings include retail stores, supermarkets and malls, restaurants, and even garages. He repairs electrical faults,  conducts safety checks, and can also design and plan electrical systems for specific workplaces, e.g., offices, a whole school, etc. The whole process ensures the cabling system is neat and the personnel in the operation areas are safe from any hazard in the whole working place, especially from electricity.

    A typical commercial electrician’s toolbox contains hand tools like screwdrivers, pliers, knives, and testers. Ensuring he can work on jobs in apartments to repairing and maintaining a residential area as residential electricians. Which might include installation, rewiring or laying, or cables. In commercial electricals, the level of expertise is a bit less than the one involved in industrial electricals.

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    Of the two professions, commercial electrician seems the most common; most of them always aspire to be electrical engineers hence using the commercial engineering work as its stepping stone, having gained the required experience. Their main focus is based on ensuring the efficiency of wiring in the electrical components of the business and do electrical maintenance. A relevant basic electrical knowledge is required from relevant education along with the completion of some training program to ensure the industrial setting is made by personnel who know what they are doing.


    Our 300+ team of electricians are highly qualified with a great level of expertise, consisting of both commercial and industrial electricians working on the installation, testing, and maintenance on both large farms and smaller ones too. Our level of service delivery is of no comparison, especially on our hardship and willingness to deliver quality services. Our warranty is of a lifetime on all our workmanship hence creating a great trust that makes our partnership with you the best.

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