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​Do you have an electrical problem that leaves you frantically searching for an “electric repair provider near me?” Gainesville Gator Electricians provides the most reliable electrical repair services in Gainesville, FL. 

Electrical issues may not always be apparent and understanding these problems before they become serious or detrimental to your property and safety is important. 

Scheduling annual inspections will help minimize the number of repairs you will need in the future while also maintaining the value of your property. 

Light Wire Fixing

If your electrical systems need some extra care, enlist in our electric repair service and we will provide you with: 

Excellent customer service

Our team of well-trained and experienced electrical experts can handle a wide range of electric repair issues and troubleshoot the most complicated jobs as needed. 

Our client testimonials are proof that we always strive to provide the most friendly service while ensuring all your electrical repair needs are met. 

Reliable and Quick Repairs

Effective and efficient service is our mantra at Gainesville Gator Electricians. There is no job that is too minor or too complex for us to provide our electrical expertise on. 

Even though we are always thorough and precise, we also value your time and want to get the job done as quickly as possible. 

Paired with the latest repair equipment, you can rely on our team for efficient service that will help you minimize future repairs and save you money in the long run. 

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A detailed pre-inspection

It’s important to address the root cause of your electric problem that way we can determine how much damage actually needs to be fixed. These damages may lead to electrical emergencies.

The first step is to provide an initial assessment of the issue you would like serviced. 

Once this is reviewed, we will discuss potential solutions and our plan of action.

After we have conducted the repair, we will then discuss the proper maintenance plan (if necessary) to minimize future issues from arising.

We want to ensure your electrical systems continue to run as smoothly as possible. 

At Gainesville Gator Electricians, we are happy to solve all your electrical repair needs. 

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We offer the following electrical repair services: 

Power Surge Repair

As the most common electrical issue we encounter, a power surge occurs when there is a spike in voltage. 

This sudden increase in power causes harm to your appliances and devices because it can damage their internal components. 

Our team will ensure the voltage is maintained throughout your property so that you can avoid power surges in the future. 

Electrician Rewiring
Broken Light Switch Repaired By An Electrician

Broken Light Switch

Though this issue is easy to fix, a broken light switch can be a major annoyance and still require professional attention.

Our team will carefully repair the broken light switch and ensure it looks as good as new.
Electrical Outlet Repair

Broken Electrical Outlet

The causes of a broken electrical outlet usually mean there is a wiring alignment issue or that it has burned out.

​You can rely on our Gainesville Gator Electrician team to fix this issue for you.

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Flickering lights

Flickering lights in your home or office are usually clear indicators of underlying electrical issues, such as poor wiring or low voltage supply.

These problems need to be addressed immediately as they can be major safety hazards.

​If you are currently experiencing this issue, please give us a call immediately.

Light Repair

Are you changing your lighting and lightbulbs way too often?

​If this is happening too many times, there may be a discrepancy between the wattage provided by your lighting fixture and the wattage capacity of your lightbulb. 

We are happy to make this adjustment for you so that your lighting fixture and lightbulbs are in perfect alignment.

​That way you can save the hassle of switching out that pesky lightbulb again

Electrician Repair Switching

Electrical Arcing Repair

If you hear your switch or outlet buzzing, it’s possible you have arcing.

This occurs when the electrical current in the wiring jumps between the metal parts instead of flowing straight through. 

Arcing can be seriously dangerous and needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

​Get in touch with the reliable team at Gainesville Gator Electricians to get this problem fixed ASAP.

Have you experienced any of the electrical problems listed above?

Please be safe and do not attempt to fix the repair on your own – let our professionals handle it!

At Gainesville Gator Electricians, we can handle any type of electrical repair service you may need. With our experienced team of experts, your electric repair problems will be handled professionally and efficiently. 

Call us today at 352-449-3563 and let us discuss further on how we can serve you. 

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