The Duckpond neighborhoods of Gainesville are unique in that they are divided into the Duckpond Heights neighborhood, and the Duckpond neighborhood proper. Only 2.5 miles separate these two areas, but the two neighborhoods have very different characteristics. Duckpond Heights is an older neighborhood with large, stately homes with mature trees on larger lots. The Duckpond neighborhood proper is a newer subdivision, with homes on smaller lots and many of them built after 1995. The Duckpond neighborhood was established in the late 1890s and developed slowly throughout the 20th century. Duckpond Heights is popular with retirees who want to live in a suburban neighborhood, while residents in the Duckpond neighborhood prefer single family homes.

In the 1930’s, the Duckpond neighborhood was Gainesville’s first suburb. Located on the west side of Gainesville off University Avenue, the Duckpond was primarily developed as a residential area at the peak of Gainesville’s growth. It remained a primarily residential area until the 1980s, when subdivisions began to appear, and today, Duckpond remains largely residential.

Duckpond is a middle to upper-class residential neighborhood in central Gainesville, Florida. Many of the homes were built in the 1950s and 60s, and the neighborhood is zoned for single-family residences. Duckpond is in proximity to downtown Gainesville, which is a hub of local restaurants, boutiques, and pubs. In fact, many Duckpond residents work downtown as professionals, but prefer to live in Duckpond because of its unique small-town feel.

Duckpond is Gainesville’s newest neighborhood, and it is quickly becoming a hub of activity with its unique mix of affordable, urban housing. With an emphasis on walkability, Duckpond features small block sizes, lots of green space, and easy access to public transportation. And Duckpond isn’t just for millennials: it’s family friendly too.

The duckpond neighborhoods of Gainesville are a hot topic these days. The controversy started because the owner of Legendary Properties, a business in Swannanoa, that owns several rental properties in the duckpond neighborhoods, threatened to put a “For Sale” sign up in front of some of its properties.

Every neighborhood in Gainesville has unique qualities, and that’s especially true for Duckpond. What each Duckpond neighborhood has in common, however, is that they’re all close to the University of Florida, and that the university is a major draw for newer Gainesville residents.

Gainesville has many interesting neighborhoods, each with its own feel and personality. Duck Pond, located just south of downtown, once housed the city’s first inhabitants. The pond itself is now part of the Santa Fe River and is home to many different birds, turtles, and fish. Other neighborhoods, such as Parkwood, are older and more traditional.