Matheson History Museum 


In 1950, the City of Gainesville had but one choice for history: the Gainesville Public Library. The Gainesville Public Library, now called Matheson History Museum, was founded in 1951 by a committee consisting of civic leaders, local historians, and civic-minded individuals who sought to establish a center for local historical and genealogical research. The Matheson History Museum’s collection has grown from displaying only local artifacts in 1951, to displaying artifacts and material on the history of the Gainesville area; to include collections and exhibits on local art, science and industry; and to include collections and exhibits on the study of Florida history and Southeastern United States history.

The Matheson History Museum is located in Gainesville, FL, and is the former home of author John D MacDonald. The museum contains memorabilia and other items that MacDonald used in writing his novels.

Matheson History Museum is Gainesville’s oldest museum, and it’s well worth a visit for history buffs curious about local history. The museum is an unusual structure, built in the 1830s as a schoolhouse. It opened in 1876 as the Matheson Family Schoolhouse, serving those in the community until 1919. It was converted into a museum in 1927 and went through some minor renovations in 1965. The city plans to renovate the building again in 2020, but until then, Matheson History Museum is worth a visit.

The Matheson History Museum is a small-town museum in Gainesville, Florida whose mission is to “preserve and promote the heritage and history of Matheson, and to provide opportunities for all ages to learn about the history of our town and surrounding areas.” The museum opened June 1, 2009, and is housed in a 1910 building that was originally a general store. The museum features exhibits and collections that document the agricultural, social, cultural, and military history of the area, and was designated a National Historic Place in 2018.

The Matheson History Museum is Gainesville’s oldest independently owned museum, and it received a $1.5 million complete renovation in 2012. The Matheson History Museum is housed in a 1911 Carnegie library, and it features exhibits about the city’s past, present and future. Visitors can take a wine and beer tour, learn about the history of the Matheson Planetarium or watch a 6-minute video outlining the history of downtown Gainesville. The museum also features collections related to history, science, art, education and culture

Matheson History Museum is a local history museum in Gainesville, FL. It features the “Charting the World” exhibit, which celebrates the 100th anniversary of the National Geographic Society. Other historical exhibits include the “Florida Indians” exhibit and “A Seminole Camp” that recreates a Seminole Indian camp that was here from 1828 to 1860.