Grove Street 


Grove Street is Gainesville’s oldest street, and it’s filled with history. It’s named after E. Grove Brown, who purchased land from E.H. Kighley, who in turn bought the land from the Pensacola and Atlantic Railroad Company. It was Brown and his family that laid out Gainesville’s street grid, and in 1872, Brown sold lots on the new street to settlers. The streets were first laid out in a grid plan, with Grove Street being the center line. The street’s logo is a palmetto tree, which is the state tree of Florida. In 1886, a grove of trees on Grove Street was turned into a park.

Grove Street spans from SW 4th Ave to SW 6th Ave, and from SW 2nd Ave to SW 7th Ave, and features two popular bars, Lazerdog and Liquid Hub, as well as a number of local favorite restaurants. There are a number of small apartment complexes in the area, but the majority of them are privately owned.

The Grove Street Neighborhood is the 2nd oldest neighborhood in Gainesville. The oldest is the Eastside Neighborhood, which is located on the other side of Downtown Gainesville. The Grove Street Neighborhood was laid out in 1871. The Grove Street neighborhood in Gainesville, Florida has 114 houses which cover a complete square block and is the northern most neighborhood in Gainesville in square blocks. There are also 6 townhouses, 5 condos, and 1 apartment. The Grove Street Neighborhood is part of the Downtown Gainesville Historic District of New Gainesville.

Grove Street is a traditionally residential street located in the heart of downtown Gainesville, Florida. It is home to many local businesses and restaurants, as well as colleges, such as the University of Florida. Grove Street is also a popular residential area because of its proximity to downtown.

Located between Butler Boulevard and NW 13th Street, Grove Street is a 1.5-mile stretch of road nestled in the northern part of Gainesville, Florida. It’s just a short drive from UF, and it’s less than 5 miles from the center of Gainesville.

Grove Street is popular among students and UF alumni, as well as families. Some residents who have been living in the area for more than 10 years even say that Grove Street was “once a progressive place,” and that car break-ins and pedestrian deaths were common in the area. However, Grove Street is now safer, thanks to the we have Gainesville Police Department. The Grove Street Neighborhood Watch (a program of the Gainesville Police Department) has empowered the neighborhood to resolve habitual crimes, and Grove Street residents have united to patrol their streets