Gum Root Park 


Gum Root Park is a 2.5 acre park within the city of Gainesville, Florida. The park features a one acre lake with a 60 foot long jetty, a fishing dock, and floating docks. The park also features a 2,000 square foot pavilion with picnic tables, restroom facilities, and fish cleaning stations. A separate area of the park, known as Walter Butler Park, hosts 3 tennis courts, a concession stand, a drinking fountain, and a playground.

When you think about it, it’s insane that a city can’t figure out how to name one of its parks. There’s Gum Root Park in Gainesville, Florida, but you don’t know that from their website. The park’s namesake is Gum Tree Park. And there’s a Gum Tree Park in Seattle, Washington, but there’s no way to tell that from their website either. There’s a Gum Tree Park in Boulder, Colorado, but again, there’s no way to tell that from their website either. Gum Tree Parks are scattered throughout the Bay Area, and none of them are marked with a sign.

The Gainesville Sun recently named Gum Root Park one of “Gatorland’s Top 15 Tourist Attractions” in the 2018 Ultimate Gatorland Guide. Located in the heart of the city at 2028 NW Second Ave., the park spans nearly 7 acres and includes wildflower gardens, a 4.5 acre pond, a shaded gazebo, and a large open grassy area.

When you need a place to take the kids to play, check out Gum Root Park. This park features a playground, basketball court, and a walking trail. This trail is tree-shaded, so it’s the perfect place to walk on a warm day.

Visit Gainesville’s Gum Root Park to take a stroll down a paved trail and enjoy views of Lake Lanier and Gainesville’s lush landscape. The paved trail takes about an hour to complete and leads visitors to a gazebo and recreation area where they can enjoy a meal or snack. The Gum Root Nature Trail is an 11-acre natural area that is open from dawn to dusk.

What better place to have a picnic than under a shady tree in Gum Root Park in Gainesville? The park, located on Northwest 13th Street between University Avenue and Newberry Road, is dotted with trees, benches, a gazebo and a playground. It’s a small park, but offers a quiet place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

If you’re ever in Gainesville, Florida, then consider visiting Gum Root Park. This public park in the heart of Gainesville is a special place that everyone should visit. The park was named for an old oak tree that once shaded the historic Gum Root Hotel, which once stood on the site. Today, the Gum Root Hotel was torn down, but the oak tree still lives on in Gum Root Park, and is one of its most popular attractions.