Loblolly Woods Nature Park 


Located just across the Santa Fe River, Loblolly Woods Nature Park, Gainesville offers 50 acres of wooded trails, picnic facilities, and restrooms. The park is often used for school and community field trips, but visitors are welcome at any time. It’s a great place for family outings, even on a hot summer day, as there are plenty of shady spots and picnic benches throughout the park.

What’s unique about Loblolly Woods Nature Park is its location. It’s tucked behind the Howard Franklin Recreation Area in Gainesville, Florida. The Loblolly Woods Nature Park is along the banks of the East Santa Fe River. It’s less than 100 feet from the edge of the river, yet the hike to the river’s edge from the nature center provides a calm, shady place to sit and enjoy the water’s peaceful flow. The Loblolly Woods Nature Park is a place for nature enthusiasts of all ages to explore as the trails wind through the park.

Loblolly Woods Nature Park is a 140-acre site of the Alachua County Parks & Recreation Department just off Archer Road between SW 62 and SW 15. Loblolly Woods was established in 1986 and was developed to allow visitors to enjoy a variety of natural habitats in a beautiful and protected setting.

Gainesville’s Loblolly Woods Nature Park is the oldest nature park in Gainesville and is a favorite destination for families and nature lovers. This 100 acre park features more than 6 miles of hiking trails, a picturesque lake, and a variety of unique plant and animal life. The park also has an interactive nature center with activities including guided walks, a birds of prey presentation, and nature-themed events.

There’s something undeniably gorgeous about nature. There is something blissfully therapeutic about watching a flock of birds flutter by, or listening to the stream as it flows by. There is something soothing about being surrounded by trees. And there is nothing better than taking some time to be one with nature, to feel the breeze on your face, to see a bird soar past, or hear the sound of a stream gurgling by.

With 1,200 acres, Loblolly Woods Nature Park is Gainesville’s largest park. Located off NW 10th Avenue (US 441), the park includes 190 acres of old-growth bottomland hardwood forests, 60 acres along the Florida River, and 66 acres of wetlands. The 365-foot-large spring-fed lake provides habitat for fish, salamanders, crayfish, and other aquatic critters.

Loblolly Woods Nature Park is a free 70-acre urban nature park in Gainesville, Florida area. It is located on SW 97th Avenue and SW 34th Street and encompasses a mix of hardwood hammock, forests, wetlands, and prairie. It is home to numerous wildlife species such as butterflies, dragonflies, fish, turtles, woodpeckers, quail, raccoons, white-tailed deer, turkey, and bobcats.

Loblolly Woods Nature Park spans over 300 acres and is located 8 miles from Gainesville. This nature park is known for its hiking trails that wind through cypress and pine trees. The park’s trails range from beginner to difficult, offering opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. The park is especially popular in the fall for the beautiful fall colors, and in winter, for those looking for a break from the cold weather.