Suburban Heights 


The suburban enclave of Suburban Heights has a variety of neighborhoods within itself – some for families, others for young professionals, and the latter two for those wanting to relocate to the area. The suburb features small, single family homes and is ideal for families or young professionals, as rentals and condos are sparse. The neighborhood was first developed in 1929, a decade after Gainesville was established, and over the years, it has grown to include a shopping center, a post office, and a civic center.

A suburban town in northwest Gainesville, Suburban Heights is famous for its low crime rate and family-friendly environment. Originally a part of Archer Road, Suburban Heights became its own municipality in 1951 following the establishment of Archer Road Elementary School. With its affordable homes and scenic views, Suburban Heights has become a popular choice for both families and retirees.

Suburban Heights neighborhoods of Gainesville, Florida, is a community of 1,500 families, located in Northeast Gainesville. The community is home to three elementary schools—including an innovative magnet school—a middle school, and a high school—the Gator High School.

Suburban Heights neighborhoods in Gainesville, Florida are located south of Waldo Road, east of University Avenue and north of Newberry Road. The recreational amenities in Suburban Heights include parks, multiple athletic fields, a walking and biking trail, a recreation center, a community center and playgrounds. Suburban Heights neighborhoods near the University of Florida Gators are also home to a variety of restaurants, shopping and entertainment options. This neighborhood is served by the Alachua County School District.

Gainesville has a variety of neighborhoods, but it’s hard to forget about the small, quaint suburban ones. Suburban Heights, located just south of downtown, is one of the city’s older neighborhoods, and it is filled with beautiful, historical homes and tree-lined streets.

A drive around Gainesville, FL, and you’ll see many stunning neighborhoods and new homes, but Suburban Heights in Alachua County consistently tops the list. It’s easy to see why—the tree-lined streets, sidewalks and benches, and well-maintained landscaping make this Gainesville neighborhood popular year round. And a new affordable listing in Suburban Heights will help you find out why even more.

Gainesville’s suburban neighborhoods are a nice change of pace from the hustle and bustle of the city. Suburban Heights, located east of Linton Road and north of NW 39th Avenue, is a quiet neighborhood that is easy on the eyes. The subdivision is also known as “The Crossroads,” because three of the neighborhood’s streets intersect NW 39th Avenue, a major street that runs through the heart of Gainesville. Suburban Heights’s close proximity to the busy NW 39th Avenue means it’s easily accessible for shopping, dining, and entertainment, but the neighborhood has a quiet atmosphere that residents of all income levels can enjoy.