“How do you fix a broken dimmer switch?” is not a question many people ask themselves. Even so, this is a valuable skill to learn, because let’s face it, all dimmer switches fail eventually.
A dimmer switch is a simple light switch that allows you to control the light intensity in a specific area. Since there is often no on-off switch on these switches, you must use another part of your lighting system to turn the light on and off and dim the light itself.

So, fixing a broken switch can be a simple fix—such as replacing the broken dimmer switch itself and swapping in the new one—but some more switches are more complicated and expensive to fix. In this article, you will read about how to fix a dimmer switch:

Switch The Dimmer Switch Off

When a dimmer switch is malfunctioning, it does not necessarily mean that it is broken. So, the first step you can do to check the problem is switching the dimmer switch off.

Once turned off, you can check if the lights are functioning well or not. Then, try turning the dimmer switch on again. This will uncover the real issue behind its dysfunction.

By this time, you will prove if the source of the problem roots in the switch itself. If confirmed, then it is time to focus on fixing the broken switch.

Open The Cover

After proving that the dimmer switch is indeed broken, you have to gather the needed tools and then fix the switch that needs to be repaired or replaced.

The first step is to open or remove the cover. The cover of the dimmer switch is usually a piece of plastic or metal that attaches directly to the wall. This is designed to protect the light switch and give out an aesthetic and pleasing facade to your interior.

The cover is held in place by one or two small screws visible from the front of the cover plate. So, to open the surface, you have to remove them using a screwdriver, and you should be able to pull the cover right off.

Opening the cover of the dimmer switch is easy and basic, but what comes next may require much more experience in fixing switches.

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Now that you have removed the cover, examine the switch and become familiar with how the wires are connected. In that way, you will remember how to put the new cables into the correct position when you have disconnected the broken one. We suggest taking photos so you definitely won’t forget.

Most modern installations only include a single-pole switch; this switch has only three wires connected to the controller—one white, one black, and one green. The green is what you call the ground wire, while the white and black wires are the power wires.

Once you have memorized/taken pictures of the position of the wires and have taken note of which wires are connected to which screws, you can now proceed to remove the cables from the old switch.


Once you have disconnected the wires, it is now time to remove the defective switch and replace it with a new one.

With taking notes about the old placement of the wires to the screws on the old switch, connect the cables to the same screws on the new switch.

There is a possibility that the dimmer switch does not have screws; instead, it will have wires already assembled with the control. In cases like this, connect the cables used in your home to the appropriate wires on the dimmer switch using essential electrical accessories such as electrical tapes and wire nuts.

Electrician Removing Defective Dimmer Switch

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If replacing an old broken dimmer switch with a new one does not solve the problem, it is time to call for professional assistance.

At Gainesville Gator Electricians, you will be guaranteed good quality electrical assistance and services, especially if essential reinforcements and replacements cannot solve your electrical issue.

It is time to consider installing a new dimmer switch to ensure a more efficient dim light function? Gainesville Gator Electricians will be at your service and solve your electrical problems right away. Ensuring that you’re getting the assistance of a skilled and capable electrician to provide you with the light installation services you need will bring is very comforting for any home or business owner.

So, what are you waiting for now? Solve your dimmer switch problem with the help of Gainesville Gator Electricians.

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