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Bringing electrical services to industrial properties is a skill that comes with specialized training and vast experience. In searching for an “industrial electrician near me,” you will come across the professionals at Gainesville Gator Electricians, who can provide you with all manner of services delivered to your industrial property.

When looking for the best electrical companies in Gainesville to provide this specialized service, you should reach out to us for the experience and professionalism that our electricians provide.

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Industrial Electrician

Dealing with a high level of electrical power that needs to be delivered into industrial properties is something that requires specific expertise. You need to ensure that for your industrial property currently under construction or in operation your electricians will have the highest level of knowledge and experience when it comes to electrical services.

Gainesville Gator Electricians will have the experience to provide the best possible results. We have vast experience working with all manner of industrial properties across the Gainesville area and we continue to work on industrial properties in an expedient and, of course, affordable fashion.

Common Issues Faced by Industrial Electricians (And How Gainesville Gator Electricians Handles It)

Not Having the Full Picture

Some projects may have been well planned, but when it comes to installing the electrical system, some unexpected problems arise. Industrial electricians begin their work with a set of drawings and plans, follow them, and then find themselves having to split, rewire, and merge cables when all they needed to do in the first place was cable management. In the event that they must work without drawings, our electricians must be creative, adaptable, and competent.

Extreme Environments

Because of the sheer size of industrial projects, industrial electricians will be required to work in harsh environments. Whether it’s installing wiring 50 feet in the air or managing the thick and heavy cables required to power an entire building or warehouse.

Gainesville Gator Electricians wants to put your mind at ease. We have the necessary skills and knowledge to not only work in these environments but to do so safely and efficiently.

Time and Money

Not everything will go as planned, especially when it comes to projects that will take months, if not years, to complete. The budget and the time required to complete the work will occasionally be adjusted. The majority of businesses do not want to hear it, and some electrical companies take advantage of this.

Delays in the installation or repair of any electrical work mean that the business cannot earn money for another day. Gainesville Gators understands this, and our electricians will not require any additional training; we will provide them with all of the information they require to stay within the budget and timeline set.

Maintenance Services

It is essential to the reliability of your industrial electrical systems to carry out the right maintenance services as needed.

Whether you want to establish a maintenance schedule or think your property just needs some maintenance work, choosing to pick up the phone and contact our team of professionals will equip you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Our maintenance electricians are always available to ensure that you can depend on your industrial power at all times.

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Repair Services

If you find yourself in need of repair services when it comes to industrial electrical systems, knowing that you can pick up the phone and contact skilled industrial electricians near you to provide you with the services you need is essential.

When looking at electrician companies, choose to contact Gainesville Gator Electricians so you can depend on a fast response, giving you the ability to get the right professionals on-site quickly and easily.

We ensure that your property receives the necessary care and attention in order to provide both safe and continued utility at all times.


Specialized Skill

Not just any electrical technician can provide you with the services you need when it comes to industrial electrical systems. There is a substantially higher level of voltage that goes into almost every aspect of the property and knowing how to provide solutions will guarantee not only the most effective results but also the safest in the industry.

Our team of professionals has been the electricians of choice in the Gainesville area when it comes to industrial electrical services, and we make our offerings available all through the year to deliver dependable services at all times across the city.

We also offer AC repair, setup, and maintenance services.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does an industrial electrical contractor do?

An industrial electrical contractor, as opposed to a commercial electrician, is a larger-scale electrician. Many electricians focus solely on the installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical wiring in small homes and commercial establishments.

An industrial electrical contractor is typically in charge of the design, installation, and maintenance of large-scale electrical systems.

Why industrial electrical services are unique?

The business of having an industrial electrical company is unique to those of commercial or residential electricians because of the sheer size and scale in which they work.

In order to design and build an electrical system of that scale, specialized learning of how they work (considering the hundreds of circuit connections and power lines are needed as well as equipment to be used).

What is the difference between an industrial and commercial electrician?

We have a dedicated section on our website discussing commercial electricians vs. industrial electricians.

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