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Loose Outlet Plug

By using a voltmeter or plugging in an home electrical problem in appliance, determine if power flows through the outlet at all. Unscrew the loose cover plate from the wall, and use outlet shims to tighten the outlet until it appears level with the wall.


Electrician Repairing A Wall Socket
Electrician Testing A Light Switch Using A Voltmeter

Broken Light Switch

Switch off the breaker (the light automatically goes off when you hit the right one). Remove the faceplate with a flat blade screwdriver and the light switch with a Philips screwdriver. Confirm if electricity flows through the two wires connected to the screw. Once it is confirmed to be safe, disconnect and reset the light switch.

Simple Short Circuit

Electrical appliances like hairdryers, occasionally trip, or short circuits. Turn off the breaker and on again. If this happens again with the same appliance, it shows that the electrical system is not responsible. Repeated occurrences without the appliance? A short in electrical installation wiring can only be addressed by a professional residential electrician.

Cut or Damaged Extension Cord

Unplug the extension cord at both ends. Chop off the old plug. Gently score and remove the plastic/rubber sheathing. Reveal the naked wire by removing insulation around the electric wires with a wire stripper and twist each wire firmly at the tip. Screw these wires into the back of a new plug in this order: black to gold, white to silver, green to green. Close the plug afterward and keep the wires tightly in place. Cut in the middle? Buy extra ends and make two new cords from one damaged cord.

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Flickering or Dimming Lights

You should not ignore issues like this. It could be a sign of a poor connection that can eventually cause arcing – loose/corroded electric wire connections making irregular contact that can cause sparking, hot wire, and ultimately electrical fire.

Light Bulbs Burn Out Frequently

Do you experience regular bulb blowouts? This might be a more serious issue than you think it is. This could be a result of a loose connection in the circuit breaker or socket. Do you have downlights that fail regularly? Overheating from nearby connections could be responsible because these light fixtures are designed to go off in a bid to avoid fire outbreaks.

Electrician Repairing A Light Bulb Wiring Connection

Dead Outlets

Dead outlets can be caused by a triggered faulty connection (and possibly arcing) or a triggered circuit breaker due to overheating resulting in melted electrical wires or outlets.

Warm Outlets or Switches

Warm outlets should never be overlooked, except if is a dimmer switch, as it could be hinting at a more severe issue. In which case, it must be addressed by a professional electrician immediately.

Frequently Tripping Breakers

Frequently tripping breakers indicates an overloaded circuit, which of course uses excess electricity. Upgrade your electrical service or add a circuit breaker. You should add a circuit or consider upgrading your electrical service.

Electrical problems have you in over your head?

You do not have to be reckless in the name of fixing electrical issues yourself. Dealing with electricity is a different ball game, unlike dealing with dry walls – electricity can hurt you! And while you can easily change drywalls at a low price, you cannot. Without the required tools and expertise to fix these common electrical problems, Gainesville Electrician can help. Don’t disregard the possible dangers of Electrical installation. Contact Gainesville Electrician for help today.

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